Introducing “This New House”

This New House is the new, go-to, paradigm shifting PBS television show on designing, building and furnishing homes for the next decade exciting generations from first-time home buyers to baby boomers. It taps into viewers’ desires for simpler and more manageable yet stylish, health & wellness focused homes tailored to their lifestyles.

Sabine shows them how they can “right-size” – upsize or downsize – their homes using great design, smart home technology, “green” building products and the right furnishings to create measurably improved air, water and light quality, comfort and efficiency. Sabine’s mantra:

Nurture Body & Soul with Homes that fit your Life!

Through thirteen episodes, This New House offers

(1)  Visits to completed Homes – Sabine introduces projects that vary widely from conventional to boundary pushing sustainable and wellness-driven concepts with locations around the US, Europe and Asia. This segment has a light, fun tone with a touch of entertaining drama as Sabine evaluates completed projects according to her proprietary 5-point checklist for best in lifestyle & wellness and declares “winners” and “losers”.

(2) Hands-on How to Building – The camera follows Sabine through the actual building process of one of her smart, “right-sized”, wellness-focused homes. It is a hands-on, how-to experience with a dash of reality TV. The home is priced to appeal to a wide demographic.

(3) Homeowners will check into the This New House website before spending their money on their own building and renovation projects -
This New House will have an interactive, “sticky” website with great product resources and strong social media presence. Through contests and other initiatives viewers are invited to post their projects, before/after success stories and more. Written and video content, never before seen show take-outs, more expert tips will drive traffic and give sponsors visual impact at the all-important moment, the point of purchase. Sabine will promote the website as the go-to resource during each show to drive traffic in a powerful way. The combination of the two highly entertaining segments plus the interactive website show viewers a wide range of possibilities as well as a path to their own new or updated healthy living home with optimal practices regarding air, water, light, energy efficiency and comfort.

sabineWho is Sabine?

Sabine is a unique professional blend of designer, builder and realtor in one.

She is a highly successful real estate expert with a keen eye for the relationship between home design and lifestyle. In good and, more notably, in challenging markets, Sabine’s unlisted homes sold repeatedly to drive-by buyers who simply had to have them. Her clients are first-time home buyers well-to-do, so-called top 1% and celebrity buyers.

It is said copying something constitutes the greatest flattery. Time and again, architects report that their clients walk in with photos of Sabine’s projects, hoping to replicate her design and features in their homes.

Growing up in Germany provides Sabine with an international, global perspective. Today, product innovations including “green” products and technologies largely originate outside the United States in European countries with Germany as a leader. Sabine’s background bridges this gap for US consumers.

Sabine’s passion for home improvement, innovative products and great design can be seen in her current Connecticut Cablevision TV show, channel 88, in her YouTube videos, on her blog,, which has a very active and rapidly growing following, and in her book, Kitchen Magic, one of the most recognized titles in kitchen design and modern lifestyle. Sabine also has featured columns on AOL’s Style Me Pretty and, two highly recognized lifestyle sites with a combined reach of over 800,000 a month.


Sponsorship Benefits of “This New House

Surprisingly, PBS viewers are 3-4 times more likely to buy from PBS sponsors than Cable and Broadcast. Align with “the #1 most trusted Organization” (Public Policy Polling) (link to PBS kit)


More Facts about the PBS viewership:

    • over the course of a year, nearly 90% of all U.S. television households – and 217 million people – watch PBS. The demographic breakdown on PBS’ full-day audience reflects the overall U.S. population with respect to race/ethnicity, education and income (Nielson NPower 9/19/2011-9/23/2012)
    • PBS’ primetime audience is significantly larger than many commercial channels, including Bravo (PBS’ audience is 95% larger), TLC (90% larger), HBO (74% larger). Discovery Channel (70% larger), HGTV (66% larger) and A&E (57% larger).
    •  PBS’ primetime rating for news and public affairs programming is 67% higher than CNN’s primetime audience. (Nielson NPower (9/23/2013-7/27/2014)
    • PBS averaged a 1.34 primetime rating during the 2011-2012 season, an increase of 1% over the previous season (Nielson NPower 9/20/2010-9/18/20122 vs.. 9/19/2011-9/23/2012) Web traffic on PBS:
    • Americans watched 229 million videos across all of PBS’ web and mobile platformsin January 2013: more than half (68%) of these streams were delivered on a mobile platform (Google Analytics 1/20/2013)
    • combined, PBS had 36 million unique visitors to its sites in January 2013. This includes 21.2 million unique visitors to – more than any other broadcast network (Google Analytics 1/2013)
    • the majority of online viewers are between the ages of 18-49, and spend an average of 22.3 minutes per video, far above the industry average of 5.7 minutes. (Google Analytics, comScore Video Metrix 1/2013)

Brand messageThis New House’s message is one of forward thinking, sound investment and better quality of life for yourself and your family. The show will set a new standard for home renovation and home construction.

Industry dynamics: A home is a personal and highly emotional place – you want to get it right. You want to spend your money wisely and create feel-good environments with “bragging rights.” Yet, navigating today’s home improvement marketplace is complex, confusing and plain overwhelming to most consumers. How do homeowners select goods? They rely on endorsements from experts – experts like Sabine and her guests.

Given the proven strength of PBS, this trendsetting show and the confusing home improvement industry sponsorship of This New House offers sponsors a most valuable, cost effective brand-building opportunity. Be a part of it!